Furniture Makeover

Furniture Makeover

oday, old furniture that looks like it would fetch thousands on the Antique Road show linger in antique and consignment stores week after week gaining little interest beyond getting a tags marked down over and over to a final, ‘please just take me’ price. 

Mercer Island Mystery Series

Mercer Island Mystery Series

Working at the Mercer Island Thrift Store beckons the willing to follow the clues left behind for a mystery ripe with drama.

Spinning new ideas at MITS

Spinning new ideas at MITS

When Event Planner, Christi Duea, is planning a party, a trip to the Mercer Island Thrift Shop is often on her to-do list.  “I usually know the theme of the party but need to find items to help me tell the story...

National Volunteer Week

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week.  Mercer Island Youth & Family Services and the thrift shop depend on volunteers to do many tasks – everything from cashiering at the thrift shop and pricing merchandise to greeting clients at our front desk and stocking shelves in the Pantry...

Do you like Jewelry?

If you like jewelry, come check out our display case and see what the new arrivals are.  Our residents regularly clean out their jewelry boxes and drawers.  On any day, there are dozens of new pieces to look and consider.  What might you find?  Pearls, real and faux stone necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings.  The store has it all.  The store has a display counter and associates who will happily let you hold, take a look.  Our volunteers have enjoyed helping shoppers find just the right piece to make an outfit pop for a special occasion, a job interview or even as a gift for a sister.  Come check us out!

A ring, a necklace, bracelet, earrings all can transform a plain outfit into a completely new look.  A black dress with a set of pearls will make an outfit regal and a great fit for a wedding, funeral, meeting the potential in-laws.  Want to find a unique piece unlike anything in a department store?  You are likely to find a broad selection of unique pieces to choose from. 

The Drop Off

Dropping off items to donate is a good feeling.  The items will find a new home, bring money to the community and clear up room at home.  At MITS, the Drop-off is a constant churning of positive energy and skill to help set the tone for the many, many steps to come as an item finds it's way into the hands of a shopper.  

Making dropping off items easy has been a hallmark of the staff.  Given the variety and volume of items that come in 6 days a week, this isn't easy.  The drop-off being conveniently next to the front door makes it easy for shoppers to drop, then stop in for a relaxing visit.  It also has the potential to get backed up or crowded with items.  It is amazing the staff have created a process to work incredibly efficiently to accept and sort items as they come in.

Iain, our production lead is in charge of donations.   Always ready with a warm smile and easy manner, he and his crew own the first step of the retail preparation process greeting donors, offering tax receipts as they take items and place them in the initial sorting bin.  From there, the donor bags will be emptied and sorted in an incredibly efficient process.  Even with an almost constant stream of donations being dropped off the front of the shop remains clear and organized. 

“I have to keep moving” said Julie, as she reached back into the blue donation bin and picked up and moved the ‘new’ item to one of the dozen categorized holding spots where the next person in the fast moving retail preparation cycle takes over.    “I pretty much am running the whole time I am here.”

The store is remodeling the donation drop-off area to improve the experience for the shoppers and workers.   Stay tuned.  The remodel will be complete in early November.

Microsoft Day of Caring

Elves are in our MITS workshop! Ok, well one might think so if walking into our recycling center recently.  For one day, hundreds of holiday items are put into an organized production line and these kind and spirited people from our community help us get ready for our biggest reveal of the year. The volunteers all work at Microsoft who sponsors their efforts through the United Way Day of Caring.   Check back later this fall for details on the showcase.

Game on!

What are you wearing on gameday?  What about to school or work the Friday before a home game?  Seahawks fans have stepped up and are loud and proud showing how our collective spirit helps our team. 

Every city, every town has their teams.  In Seattle, we have the Seahawks, Reign, Storm, Sounders & Mariners.  Something special happened to our city when a surge of spirit tripped outside the stadium.  In backyards, playgrounds, in the grocery store aisle and on cubicles at work, the number 12 started showing up and soon thousands of non-football playing folks were wearing the colors of the Seahawks as a way to plug into the collective energy of our city. 

Our donors and workers at the Mercer Island Thrift Store want to help keep this energy flowing...Today, there is an excellent selection of adult male, female and kid choices as well as accessories.   We are the Seahawks:  Superbowl champs, birthplace of the ageless #12 player fan and Wearing a Seahawks game shirt just makes the game day viewing that much better.   The high fives smack better, nacho cheese dip tastes better and the photos of friends at the gameday party showcase all the fun.

Not everyone has Not everyone has $50-200 to drop on an outfit.  Come to Mercer Island Thrift Shop for the winning look!

Who doesn’t want to be a part of something?  If you live in Seattle, you are invited to play for the team, given the number 12 and expected to throw all your support behind the other players on the team by using your talents as a fan.  Wear a player shirt from this year, a legacy shirt from the championship year, a scarf with the Seahawk colors.   Have fun picking out game day colors.  And if you are tailgating, hosting, find items for the home, yard, back of your car,  There are plenty of items to help make Seahawks game day special!