The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Giving your time actually makes you feel time-rich.  Cassie Mogilner, a professor at Wharton wrote in the Harvard Business Review that – based on her experiments and research – those who give away their time serving others say they feel less time-constrained than those who don’t.

Her studies discovered that, rather than the social connection or enjoyment connected with volunteering, the people who give their time away feel more capable, confident and useful. They feel more accomplished, and that’s why they feel like they have more time to accomplish things in the future.

Seohee Choi_cashier.JPG

In 2018, 128 Volunteers gave 13,105 hours of their time at MITS, an average of a little more than 10 hours per month. Volunteer opportunities are wide open at the Mercer Island Thrift Shop including cashiering, customer service, and processing donated goods. We also put to use the special talents which experienced volunteers bring including store development and administrative help. The store managers, Suzanne Philen and Logan Ens are ready to set up a time to give you a tour and explore how you might find a great fit at MITS for the gifting of your time.  Call the store at 206-275-7760 and ask for one of us to give you a store tour.