National Volunteer Week

Honoring our Volunteers

Mercer Island Youth & Family Services and the Mercer Island Thrift Shop depend on volunteers to do many tasks – everything from cashiering at the thrift shop and pricing merchandise to greeting clients at our front desk and stocking shelves in the Pantry.   This week, we are honoring our volunteers all week with special recognition and social activities.  

Last year, 154 thrift shop volunteers gave 19,675 hours of their time.  Our Food Pantry volunteer team (currently 12) continues to ebb and flow, they sorted, organized and shelved and gave 491 hours of their time.  And, our loyal front desk volunteers (currently a team of 9 volunteers) provided 1,403 hours of coverage and customer service at the front desk (averaging 100 hours per month).  And lastly, we can’t forget that we have numerous community volunteers on our Boards, which include the Foundation Board, the Community Advisory Board and the Healthy Youth Initiative group.

Jim Pangborn, our 2016 MITS "Anchor" volunteer award recipient

Jim Pangborn, our 2016 MITS "Anchor" volunteer award recipient

In 2016, Jim was the leader in his department at the thrift shop who attracted other volunteers to stop in for an extra shift, to join the fun of work, and a spirit of comradery. When volunteers enjoyed “executive” coffee breaks, Jim faithfully supplied the donuts and treats. Coined the “driver of Miss Daisy”, he showed delight in giving other volunteers a ride to and from the store. Leading the organization in “down home”  friendly customer service, customers relied upon Jim to locate hard to find spare parts in the pursuit of conserving earthly and monetary resources. Having volunteered five to six days per week for a total of 1715 hours, he provided the near equivalent of a full time employee, saving the Department of Youth & Family Services a large sum of money on staffing which enabled the support of the mission.

MITS has a long tradition of being that place where fundraising, recycling, friendship and learning come together under one mission. Please share your gratitude and say thanks to our volunteers.  They help make our work easier and many times, more interesting and full.