Game on!

What are you wearing on gameday?  What about to school or work the Friday before a home game?  Seahawks fans have stepped up and are loud and proud showing how our collective spirit helps our team. 

Every city, every town has their teams.  In Seattle, we have the Seahawks, Reign, Storm, Sounders & Mariners.  Something special happened to our city when a surge of spirit tripped outside the stadium.  In backyards, playgrounds, in the grocery store aisle and on cubicles at work, the number 12 started showing up and soon thousands of non-football playing folks were wearing the colors of the Seahawks as a way to plug into the collective energy of our city. 

Our donors and workers at the Mercer Island Thrift Store want to help keep this energy flowing...Today, there is an excellent selection of adult male, female and kid choices as well as accessories.   We are the Seahawks:  Superbowl champs, birthplace of the ageless #12 player fan and Wearing a Seahawks game shirt just makes the game day viewing that much better.   The high fives smack better, nacho cheese dip tastes better and the photos of friends at the gameday party showcase all the fun.

Not everyone has Not everyone has $50-200 to drop on an outfit.  Come to Mercer Island Thrift Shop for the winning look!

Who doesn’t want to be a part of something?  If you live in Seattle, you are invited to play for the team, given the number 12 and expected to throw all your support behind the other players on the team by using your talents as a fan.  Wear a player shirt from this year, a legacy shirt from the championship year, a scarf with the Seahawk colors.   Have fun picking out game day colors.  And if you are tailgating, hosting, find items for the home, yard, back of your car,  There are plenty of items to help make Seahawks game day special!