The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Giving your time actually makes you feel time-rich.  Cassie Mogilner, a professor at Wharton wrote in the Harvard Business Review that – based on her experiments and research – those who give away their time serving others say they feel less time-constrained than those who don’t.

MITS Volunteer & Actress Remembers the Wizard of Oz

MITS Volunteer & Actress Remembers the Wizard of Oz

Meredythe Glass has been volunteering at the Mercer Island Thrift Shop for 12 years. With a friendly smile, she greets every bargain hunter who walks through the doors. Little do they know that 80 years ago she was an extra on the set of The Wizard of Oz. She remembers fondly…

DIY Holiday Party

What do turkey waffles & gravy have in common with MITS? A savory way to recycle your dollar into some creative holiday fun. MITS is the perfect place to shop for items you can up-cycle into gifts and get a head start on ideas for holiday party themes your friends actually want to go to.

Still a favorite among holiday traditions is our Ugly Sweater Party on Black Friday. Along with coffee and donuts as a mid morning energizer (seriously, 8:00 am is mid morning?) you’ll find the best of our curated collection of ugly sweaters. Stop by for some inspiration!

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30 Years & 30 Stories

30 Years & 30 Stories

We’ve all been there. Our collective stories serve as a reminder that as humans we need connection and care. Would you like to share your story and connection to Mercer Island Youth & Family Services?

Creative Costumes abound!


Need a costume?  Colorful fur, fringe, lace are everywhere.  Dresses, head to toe costumes and costume pieces are here.  Come see what we have and use your imagination to build and see.  

What do you want to be?

What are you in the mood for?

Find your inspiration, follow your ideas.


"I Iove the toy shop!"

A small boy cheered with joy as he grabbed the Star Wars like figurine.  The $1 price made it an easy 'yes' to the Mom who smiled an nodded as he asked her if he may have it.  Many parents bring their kids to the store to buy clothes and toys.  The low prices make it possible to buy a number of items and kids can leave with a smile after finding an affordable item to call their own.  Many parents, like the mother of the boy often donate the same toys they bought last summer.  "Once my kids are bored with it, I bring it back here as a donation so another family can enjoy it"

This generous, pay it forward spirit is common at the store.  

One grandmother gives her visiting grandkids $20 and brings them to the shop.  She lets them buy what ever they want and enjoy while in town.  When they leave, if she doesn't have room to store any items, she brings the items back as a donation.  


Fine and Fashionable Jewelry

Buying beautiful and affordable fashion jewelry has never been easier.  MITS just redesigned the jewelry space to improve access and visibility of the jewelry.  Using a contemporary display table with stands, easy to read price tags makes it easy for shoppers to handle the merchandise.  The new design is a winner for the store too as there has been a big jump in jewelry sales, too  The store allows shoppers to select the pieces they want and put in a small bag provided on the display table so they may be safely carried around the store until time to purchase.   Come in and check it out!