Donation Hours

2018 Donation Center Hours Exceptions

  • July 4th, 9am - 3pm
  • Thanksgiving Day, Closed
  • December 24th, 9am - 3pm
  • December 25th, Closed
  • December 31st, 9am - 3pm

    Here’s what you can expect

    1. A donation attendant will meet you at your vehicle and greet you with a warm “Welcome to the Thrift Shop.”
    2. Your attendant will quickly help you unload the items that we can sell in the store.
    3. Your attendant will provide you with resource information for the items which we cannot accept.
    4. Most importantly, we will thank you and offer you a tax deductible receipt for your donations.
      Donating your car to your favorite charity is easy and it feels great.

      We are Making Donating Easier

      Accepted Items

      Clothing & Shoes
      Household Linens
      Housewares & Collectibles
      Music & Video Media
      Furniture & Home Décor
      Home Electrics
      Sporting Goods
      Toys & Games
      Baby Equipment

      Items Not Accepted

      Furniture which is soiled, torn or otherwise damaged
      Mattresses, box springs or drop side cribs
      Heavy or large quantities of office or school equipment including desks
      Large appliances, computers, console TV’s and console stereos
      Electronics that do not work
      Stationary exercise equipment
      Building materials
      Paint and chemicals of any kind
      Automobile parts
      Encyclopedias, old text books and magazines
      VCR tapes or cassette tapes
      Items recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
      Truck-loads of items: when over 50% of the load is not saleable in the store

      Saying "No Thank You" to Donations is Always Hard

      Following the lead of other major businesses in the thrift industry, Mercer Island Thrift Shop will now accept only those items that can be easily sold in the thrift shop or sold in bulk to other recycling endeavors.

      The mission of the thrift shop is to raise money through sales of your donated items to support the programs of Mercer Island Youth & Family Services. Most of what is donated goes to good use. However, the unusable and unsaleable items have started costing the thrift shop thousands of dollars for disposal – money better spent on programs and services for youth, families and seniors of our community. At one point, the thrift shop increased its volume of waste by 91%, a total of 238 tons – these are donations that are neither usable nor acceptable by other donation centers.  Thanks to the cooperation of our donors we have greatly reduced this waste and the costs associated with it.

      We know you want the very best for Mercer Island. It is always hard to say “no thank you” to a donation.  Please understand the underlying reason is for the good of serving our community.