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This page is developed for members only of the Mercer Island Chapter of the National League of Young Men. We’re glad you’re here! When you volunteer at MITS, you’ll be part of a team of volunteers and staff raising money to support school counselors and other programs of Mercer Island Youth and Family Services. To learn more, visit this page.

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I hereby volunteer my services to support Mercer Island Youth & Family Services (MIYFS). I understand I will not be compensated for my work, and I commit to carrying out my duties in a responsible manner. 1. I understand that I am not to perform the volunteer service under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. 2. I consent to MIYFS performing a background check into my history in accordance with RCW 43.43.834, and waive any right to privacy I may have in such information for the limited purpose of MIYFS considering it for determining my suitability as a volunteer. 3. I understand that I will be provided a copy of the volunteer handbook upon acceptance of my application and pledge to abide by the policies and procedures within. 4. I am aware that lifting or moving objects may be involved in work at the Thrift Shop. I will follow the lifting policy set forth in the volunteer handbook. 5. Should an injury occur during the scope of my service, I understand that: a. The City of Mercer Island has included my hours of volunteer service in the Washington State Labor & Industries coverage for volunteer workers. I am responsible for reporting all hours in a timely manner according to established procedure and schedule. b. I understand that I am to report any on-the-job injury or illness, no matter how minor, to my supervisor. 6. I understand that I or MIYFS may terminate this agreement at any time without cause, and that I am volunteering my services at will and may be asked to discontinue such without prior notice or reason. This agreement will be in effect for the duration of my volunteer services beginning this date.