All proceeds support

City of Mercer Island Youth and Family Services

Mercer Island Thrift Shop

Mercer Island Thrift Shop is a volunteer powered organization that raises money to support the programs and services of Mercer Island Youth & Family Services.

Through the execution of this mission, MITS also provides:

  • Quality goods to customers of all income levels

  • Volunteer opportunities that enable people to:

    • Become an active part of the Mercer Island community

    • Gain useful skills and job experience

    • Fulfill work, school or court ordered community service

  • A place for Mercer Island residents to donate and recycle their household goods

Mercer Island Youth & Family Services

Founded in 1970, Mercer Island Youth and Family Services is a department of the City of Mercer Island providing a variety of human services for Mercer Island citizens.  Our philosophy is that coordinated community resources can help build stronger and healthier families and community by enhancing strengths, identifying problems and choices and sharing resources.

  • Assistance — We provide a safety net for Island residents experiencing a crisis.

  • Support — We provide programs that improve the health and well-being of all Island residents.

  • Development — We empower Mercer Island residents to grow, enrich and strengthen our community.

Only Mercer Island Youth and Family Services strengthens Mercer Island through assistance, support and development programs that touch all members of our community.